Minecraft: Story Mode Episode II

I apologize in advance as i am about to go into a bit of a rant. MineCraft Story Mode Episode II is the reason I despise episodic games. I thought Episode I was fantastic. For what it was, it was a solid 5 dollar game. However episode II is not. it’s short, has very weird pacing, annoying new characters and frame rate issues.


This is my issue. Normally a bad hour of a game wouldn’t bother me every game has lull’s. However if i am paying 5 bucks a pop i can’t help but feel that purchase has been wasted. When i played Life is Strange I bought the whole game sure some episodes were “weak” however the game as a whole felt great!

I waited a bit before purchasing episode II mostly because i do not want to wait for the final episode. I have played through III (spoilers is as good as episode I) and have yet to play IV because i dread the wait for V.

So here we are episode II. the bad is as stated before i dislike both new characters introduced in this game no matter which friend you choose to adventure with, as the game splits into i felt both paths were weak. When left off from episode I i was expecting a bit more of an epic adventure however both paths left me wanting more.

When we meet back up with the core group we have some bickering between returning and new characters¬† before the meat of the game picks up. We have a Pretty cool fight between Petra, Ivor and yourself show casing various items and tributes to Minecraft and its Memebase. and then….. its over. We get a short tease of a problem affecting one of our party members which will surely come into play later on (spoilers)

I hate reviewing the game like this and may just come back to due the whole thing as a whole. this portion of game would easily of been forgiving as a full package but as 5 dollars it falls flat. I do not recommend this episode wait for the full game purchase the season pass as the series will be great i am sure. However episode II standalone is far from great.



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