Mike Tyson steps into the Octagon in UFC 2

EA announced earlier today that Legendary Boxer (and occasional mystery solver) Mike Tyson will be stepping into the Octagon for EA Sports UFC 2, in a similar fashion to Bruce Lee in the previous entry to the series. Tyson will be an unlockable fighter and is stated to have the strongest punching power of any character in the game.

“When you think about the most devastating fighters of all time, Mike Tyson is either around, or at the top of everyone’s list. It’s fun to think that if MMA was as popular back when he was competing as it is today, you might have seen Tyson put on four ounce gloves and step into the Octagon®,” said Creative Director Brian Hayes in a press release. “This is one of those great ‘what ifs’ that we get to create when making a game like EA SPORTS UFC 2.”

Tyson will be available in two forms, as “Iron” Mike Tyson which highlights his rise to becoming a boxing superstar in the 80’s, and “Legacy” Mike Tyson which was developed with the end of his illustrious career in mind. Tyson will be available in two weight classes, both Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions.

“As a huge fan, I’m honoured to be part of EA SPORTS and explore the world of mixed martial arts,” said Mike Tyson. “I follow UFC very closely and it’s going to be very cool to see how I would stack up against these amazing MMA athletes.”

Both version of Mike Tyson can be unlocked by progressing through UFC 2, however pre-ordering the standard edition will get you access to “Iron” Mike Tyson with Day One Access, while both will be available day one for Deluxe Edition of the game.