Mighty Gunvolt Burst (Switch) – First Impressions

In a world where Capcom keeps repackaging the old MegaMan games for everything possible, a void was created for the classic genre. Mighty No 9 came to be to a mixed welcome and others like Azure Striker Gunvolt have also revamped the genre. Well, this title, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, takes from both series and mashes them together on Switch (and 3DS on June 29th) coming as an upgrade to the previous combined title, Mighty Gunvolt.

Having not played the original Mighty Gunvolt from lack of awareness to the title, I was surprised to see Mighty Gunvolt Burst on the eShop for Switch this weekend. Having only heard of Azure Striker Gunvolt through friends and watching a few streams, I decided to give the title a try. The price tag was also a good factor in my decision as it only costs 10$ USD.

At first look, the game is a modern game with solid controls keeps a retro feel with the music and graphics which is quite pleasing. You get the option of playing as Beck or as Gunvolt, both of which play differently based on their abilities from their respective titles giving some replay option. The level selection layout is simple and offers the bosses of Mighty No 9 as enemies and theme which feels a bit lazy but the stages are certainly not the same as Mighty No. 9 nor are the bosses abilities from the 2 I fought.

For the little I have played right now, I can confirm that this title is worth the 10$ if you are a fan of the genre and I do promise to do a proper review once I sink a bit more time into it as the customization of your abilities and weapon seem to be a bit deeper than I thought at a glance. If you’re interested to see how the game plays, feel free to watch me fail at the game below!