Middle-Earth: Shadows of War gameplay revealed

As promised, Warner Bros and Monolith released a 16 minute gameplay reveal for the upcoming sequel to the phenomenal Shadows of Mordor showcasing how the upgraded Nemesis system will now affect friends and allies, along with a few other twists.

One of the major take-aways in the video the focus of large scale battles in attempts to take over keeps from various warlords. To do so, players will now have their own army of orcs backing them up, each providing a specific role to the battle that can be assigned. Spies, rangers, battering rams and mounted soldiers all give different stats to the army and provide different support. The Nemesis system has also been improved to create more stories of betrayal, friendship and loyalty.

You can check out the full 16 minute gameplay above which shows off some cool wraith powers, dragon riding, and some cool new tactics to fight for Mordor. Shadows of War is set to release on August 25th 2017.