Microsoft survey probes interest for Alan Wake on Xbox One


A Microsoft survey was shown on Reddit asking if the participants if they would be interested in a Remastered version of Alan Wake, the 2010 Psychological Horror shooter by Remedy. The survey itself mentions 2 major questions, the first being if players would purchase or recommend the title to a friend or family member, while the second question asked if a free copy of the Alan Wake Remastered would encourage them to pre-order Remedy’s Quantum Break.

The survey had several other questions in regards to pre-order bonuses for Quantum Break including $5 off the game, in game outfit, an additional 20 minute level, and a chance to visit Remedy studios in Finland.

Quantum Break is currently listed for a 2015 release, and Microsoft is getting ready for a marketing blitz on the title, hoping to offer some extra incentive for the upcoming shooter. Meanwhile the idea of another Alan Wake, whether it was a remastered or a sequel, has been brought up before. Last year, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that Remedy was too busy working on Quantum Break and if Microsoft would ever want to create an Alan Wake 2, Remedy would have to be the team behind it.

What is your opinion, would you like an Alan Wake Remastered? Would you pre-order Quantum Break for it? Let us know  in the Comments below.