Meet Street Fighter 5’s newest fighter, Rashid

Capcom announced a brand new fighter to the upcoming Street Fighter V’s growing roaster. This time it’s a new fighter by the name of Rashid, an Arabic fighter who style “takes cue from Parkour and mixes it up with his unique ability to harness the power of wind” according to Capcom’s press release.

From the first glance of the trailer introducing the character, it’s easy to see that Rashid is going to be a very speedy character who can take control of the screen thanks to various wind-based attacks, and wall climbing moves in similar fashion to Vega.

Rashid marks the 11th fighter announced for the game, and the second Arabic fighter in the Street Fighter series after¬†Pullum Purna, who was introduced in the often forgotten Street Fighter EX – Capcom’s first attempt at bringing Street Fighter to 3D.