Meet Clover, Payday’s 2 Female Robber.


Overkill and Starbreeze had been teasing new members to the payday crew since the game’s launch, one of which with significantly less testosterone then the rest. Here enters Clover, the overtly Irish woman who will join the group as part of a character pack for $5 on Steam, PS3 and Xbox 360.

payday2clover masked

Along with access to play as Clover, players will also get a Shillelagh weapon, Queen’s Wrath assault rifle and an additional perk deck focused on breaking into things and accessing areas that are otherwise off limits. These will come in handy with the new heist available today dubbed “The Diamond Heist.”

The Diamond Heist will have players attempt to steal the worlds most famous diamond from a museum, as usual players can make a well executed plan or go in guns blazing. The Diamond Heist DLC will be priced at $7 and gains players access to 4 new mask