Max Payne rated for PS4 re-release


Now that PS2 Emulation is a thing, it’s time to start adding more games to Sony’s classic library and what better way to do that than with Remedy and Rockstar Game’s mega hit shooter, Max Payne.

The third person shooter was listed by the ESRB in a similar fashion to Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud, and Twisted Metal Black, hinting that this will be part of Sony’s classics selection that launched Saturday.

Playstation 2 Emulation has allowed for sony to bring a handful of beloved games including the PS2 Grand Theft Auto series, and plans for Parappa The Rapper 2 and The King of Fighters 2000. The emulation does add an upscale to the PS2 games and Trophy support, however does not allow disk-based games or PS2 classics that you’ve previously downloaded to work on the PS4, forcing you to purchase the games once again via the PSN.

Max Payne was originally launched back in 2001for PS2, Xbox, as well as PC and was created by Alan Wake developer Remedy. The game spawned two sequels with the latest one developed by Rockstar Games released in 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.