Marvel VideoGame Universe will be seperate from the Movie Universe


During Sony’s E3 conference, we were pleasantly surprised by the showing of Ratchet and Clank devs’ latest announced title, a PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game! After a cool, but short trailer for the upcoming game, we were already excited for the title, but we had questions. Was this Spider-Man in relation to the Peter Parker we seen in Captain America: Civil War, and the upcoming solo movie, Spider-Man Homecoming? Or was this the start of a brand new Universe for Marvel?

Given that Jay Ong, Marvel’s VP of games, stated in an interview with Polygon that this announcement was “a signal of things to come” and that he “couldn’t wait to tell the world about what Marvel had in store next”, signals that we’re going to see more Marvel Studio games in the near future. However it’s the interview with Venturebeat that gives us the most evidence that Marvel is not going to take the easy route and just released titles based on their movies.

When we tell people that they aren’t just building a movie game, that opens up their eyes. “You mean we have the freedom to invest and deliver the title that we want to deliver?” They don’t have to meet some artificial date. We give them time. We initiate projects far earlier than we used to.

This has to be better than just good enough, it has to be great. Our games have to have lasting value that we’re all proud of.”

While Marvel had seen success in the past, with dealings between Activision for several high featuring Spider-Man and X-Men (including the Marvel Alliance Action RPG title), Movie Tie-ins have always seen a dip in quality. Sega was the publisher responsible for the last set of Marvel Cinematic Universe games, which included Iron Man 1 and 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America, all of which were panned by critics and gamers.

With Quality being the main focus of the new Marvel titles, we’re expecting great things from Insomniac’s Spider-Man title as well as TellTale’s Mystery Marvel game, both set to release in 2017. While we know that the games will be separate from the movies, it is too early to point out if the games will be interconnected like Marvel’s ever expanding Cinematic Universe.