Marvel and Telltale team up!


While DC has a solid footing in the video game industry thanks to their partnership with Warner Bros and sequentially WB Games, Marvel has had less luck. However things might change as today at an event in San Francisco, Marvel announced a partnership with Telltale Games.

The first game of the partnership will be coming in 2017, however it was not disclosed on what property the game would be based on. According to Bill Roseman, Marvel Games creative director, the company’s future Marvel games will strive for authenticity, and will be celebrated by Marvel fans.

“Marvel is about storytelling,” said Peter Phillips, Marvel’s executive vice president and general manager for interactive and digital distribution. He continued saying that the Marvel brand promises heroic, complex and relatable characters.

Telltale has several other high-profile games currently on the go, with Tales of the Borderlands and Game of Thrones currently making an episodic run, while the team are also hard at work for Minecraft: Story Mode, The Walking Dead Season 3, and a unannounced project.