Liongate has a significant investment in Telltale Games


The studio behind Saw and The Hunger Games, Lionsgate studios, has made a major investment in the Game of the Year winning team at Telltale Games. While most of the details of the investment is under lock-and-key, the group has said that the investment was “significant.” So much so that Lionsgate chief executive Jon Feltheimer will join Telltale’s board of directors.

“This partnership will accelerate Telltale’s ability to create not only original games, but episodic television series based on our game properties,” Telltale chief executive Kevin Bruner said. “An area at the cutting edge of industry growth.”

“Our partnership with Kevin Bruner and his team at Telltale continues to accelerate our momentum in the game space,” Lionsgate president of interactive ventures Peter Levin added.

“The convergence between premium filmed entertainment brands and original game properties is a natural direction in which to continue diversifying our content business, and Telltale is the perfect partner with whom to explore this dynamic area of growth.”

The partnership also gives Telltale access to a number of Lionsgate properties for them to work with, however no projects have been confirmed as of yet. Which may be good as Telltale has quite the workload currently (as usual) which features continuing episodes of A Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, the upcoming Minecraft Adventures, The Walking Dead Season 3 and a new IP.