Lets go on a rampage, the Postal Redux review!

Postal Redux is a HD remake of 1997’s Postal from Running With Scissors, they are known for the Postal series, that had 2 sequels, multiple expansion pack’s for Postal 2 and even spawned a Uwe Boll directed Postal movie in 2008. Running With Scissors was founded in 1996 and is based in Tucson, Arizona. Postal Redux was released on steam on May 20, 2016 with a PS4 release coming later.


In this remake of Postal, Running With Scissors has changed things within the game such as improving the graphics and resolution that the game supports, also improving sound design of the game, they also changed some of the guns within the game, the Carnival a brand new level was added to the game, Rampage mode was added to the game, and the ending level of the game was changed from the original ending level.

GamePlay, Story, Graphics and Sounds

The gameplay for Postal Redux is a isometric third-person shooter, you play as The Postal Dude going on a rampage, you work your way trough each level just killing everything in sight and if you die you restart the level. When the game starts, you just have the machine gun, but as you make your way trough the game, you pick up many other guns such as a revolver, shotgun, Missile Launcher, Grenades and many more weapons.

The game can be played with either a controller or keyboard and mouse, this gives you the ability to play the game at a desktop or on the TV. The game has 3 difficulties easy, medium and hard for the campaign mode, the game also has a Rampage mode which is filled with more enemies then in that campaign mode to take down.

PostalRedux_01The Story for postal, well there is not much “an average man known only as the Postal Dude discovers that a mind altering substance has been released on the town of Paradise, infecting the populace with insanity and blood-lust. Capped off by his sudden eviction from his home, the Postal Dude believes himself to be the only sane man left and sets out to put an end to the madness in his town, which he believes originates from the local Air-Force Base.” Postal is not a heavy story driven game, there is really only diary entries before every levels loading screen, that gives you a glimpse into the mind of a man that is having a mental break.

postal diary

The Graphics are great they really capture the essence of the original Postal and Postal Redux they where able to improve the overall visual look of the texture and also make the game support higher resolution that weren’t even imaginable almost 20 years ago, the game has a great colour pallet and nice special effects such as fire or explosions.

band fire

In the Video options for the game there is lots of customization to be had for the game from different resolutions, window mode, VSYNC, and even FPS CAP.

graphics res

In the Performance section of the option for the game, gives you even more option to to enhance the game such as resolution, anti-aliasing, post processing, textures and Effects.


Its always nice to see when games gives you this many graphical option, to optimize the game to play at its best with the system you have.

The sound of Postal is great, the Postal Dude keeps saying stuff during the game, that is reminiscent of Duke Nukem games from the 90’s, people drying all around and just the sounds of the environment from each level is top notch.


Final thought

Running With Scissors did an amazing job of re-creating Postal with technology and graphical effects that we have today. The game does have many similarity’s to other game such as Hotline Miami and Hatred, the game also has great amount of replay value. hopefully with the success of Postal Redux we might see a Postal 2 Redux in the future which would be awesome. Finally Postal Redux is definitely not a game for everyone, but if your fine with the extreme amounts of violence that the game has, you should go check it out on steam!

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