Lego Worlds : Early Access

Lego Worlds is suppose to launch some time in 2016. Lego Worlds is a sandbox game developed by Traveler Tales Well known for various other Lego Games, and published by Warner Bros. The game is currently in “Early Access” so you can currently pick it up for 14.99 USD.


Following popular games like Minecraft, Lego Worlds is 3d and procedure generated, contains various biomes, plants, animals, buildings except…you know made out of Lego.

What makes me initially excited about this game is that it feels 100% like a sandbox. To elaborate, Lego is about one thing building whatever you can imagine or maybe that’s just the moral of the Lego Movie. Regardless this game doesn’t have “story mode” or “adventure mode” or a”creative mode”. you randomize a world jump in and explore, kill loot and craft the world as you see fit.

I do not believe there is a size cap to the worlds so you can just keep exploring the biomes till you see fit. At a base level the game allows you to travel fight and collect items and currency. The items can be given to npc for benefits, to creatures to tame them and even to unlock building supplies for crafting. As you encounter buildings, tree’s, planes, cars motorcycles pretty much ANYTHING you also unlock the ability to buy it with the in-game currency you collect by killing smashing objects and looting chests.


The Graphics are actually quite impressive I know it’s all Lego but besides some minor light/glare effect oddities the graphics are great. This is highlighted in the various Biomes in the game. Currently in-game I believe there are about 20. These biomes have unique buildings, npcs, and materials that can be unlocked.  All in all the variety of these biomes is quite vast. everything from Mushroom, to Dessert Desert, Junkyard, to Spooky Forest, helps keep it feel interesting.  Oh and did I mention a dragon that shoots fireballs you can ride? Yea….. that’s a thing.


The Variety of vehicles is quite extensive as well. To name a few I have seen Planes, DirtBikes, Camels, Ostriches, Lions, Helicopters, and a skateboard. I am actually quite surprised by the variety in this game considering it is still in “Early Access” however with TT’s previous experience with lego games and Lego being the behemoth that it is i suppose they have a lot to work with.


Beyond the kind of generic game play running around collecting currency items and the like there is a whole other world of game play to explore. Where I believe Lego Worlds starts to succeed and must succeed in full release is with the level editing. By the looks of it… So far so good. The editor is actually incredible robust. it allows you to delete and carve the world with sizing tools of different shapes. You can add terrain with a few button clicks, raise and lower. You can also paint the terrain simple colors or more complex block by block. I can easily see myself getting lost in this editor for hours. Quite frankly if you can dream it up in Lego, this fantastic editor will allow you to achieve the tiniest or grandest of builds.


If you are more interested in building things or destroying things with actual Lego that option is available as well with this Awesome Drill Vehicle below Tractors, and steam roller to name a few.

ss_dfe7cfa45ed91d9cb667300ab868a9418cb58c9e.1920x1080 In conclusion i have spent roughly only a dozen hours into Lego Worlds but i can see what could possibly be the next Minecraft. Do I think this is a Minecraft killer? No the games really aren’t the same…. They are about as comparable as the Division and Destiny… same core idea but aren’t really doing the same thing.

What i would love to see is more “sets” added to the game to build buildings vehicles and people that exist in real world Lego sets. these could either come as expansions or codes in real world Lego sets. Regardless I have Very high hopes for this game and the great core mechanics and price is a great place to start.


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