Lego Worlds coming to Console next year

WB Games announced today that the Minecraft-like builder game Lego Worlds will finally leave Early Access on PC, and will also be joining the PS4 and Xbox One in February. Lego Worlds entered Early Access in 2015 with little fanfare and featured the ability to take blocks from the world and use it to build whatever you would want, much like how people would normally with real Legos.

The game is developed by Lego Series mainstays Travellers Tales (Tt Games) and is stated to be $15 when the game releases on PC, no word on the price of the console editions as of yet. WB also announced the first DLC for the game will also be released at the same time called the Lego Agents, which will feature new characters, vehicles, and weapons based on the Lego Agents Toyline, this DLC pack will be available on PS4 exclusively for the first 90 Days.