Learn how to build your own Yarny from Unravel

Fans have been obsessed with Yarny since his debut back at E3 when EA announced that they would be publishing Unravel, a cute and what looks to be emotional platformer about a creature made of yarn trying to make it back to his family. The character has been such a hit that people want their own and looking for ways to create yarn creature for themselves.

Luckily, Coldwood Interactive Creative Director and Yarny creator; Martin Sahlin, has created a video to show how you can make your own Yarny out of wire, yarn, and paperclips, just like he did on his camping trip in the forest of Northern Scandinavia. The team also provided some written details at the Unravel site.

In the game, Yarny represents the bond that ties people together, Sahlin is encouraging this by asking people to share their Yarny to the Unravel Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page. These photos will be put on an interactive map to show just how far Yarny has gone. The game is set for a February 9th 2016 release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.