Lab Zero teams up with Trigger for Indivisible animation

During their successful Indiegogo campaign for their upcoming Action RPG, Indivisible, Lab Zero Games had a stretch goal where the game’s opening animation would be handled by a “Mysterious Anime Studio.” The Indiegogo has raised 1.9 Million dollars to co-fund the game with 505 Games and earlier this week the studio announced that Studio Trigger will be doing the game’s opening animation. Anime fans may know Studio Trigger for their work on hit series such as Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia.

Lab Zero stated that they will be working with Los Angeles-based studio Titmouse for Storyboarding the animation, while Studio Trigger, under the direction of Yoh Yoshinari (Gurren Lagann and Neon Genesis Evangelion), will complete the final product.

Studio Trigger’s work on Indivisible is set to start early next year. Meanwhile, Lab Zero is still hard at work for the upcoming Action RPG but have released a small announcement trailer that shows some progress on the game’s combat system and a 2018 launch window.