Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV movie looks stunning!

We say it like we didn’t already know, but Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV’s latest trailer shows just how stunning the movie is going to be! Square Enix showed off the trailer during SDCC, and let fans know that there will be a limited theatrical run in the US beginning on Aug. 19th. Which it will then be available to all digitally on Aug. 30th.

Directed by Takeshi Nozue, who has previously worked on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and as the CG movie director for Final Fantasy 13. The movie had hit Japanese theatres earlier in the month and Nozue stated that he was humbled by the phrase the film was getting.

“We can’t believe the scores that we’ve got,” he said. “It’s been great. We’re really happy about it. Some people are saying it’s 100 times better than Advent Children. That feels really gratifying.”

Blu-Ray copies of Kingsglaive will hit stores on October 4th, however if you were lucky enough to secure a Deluxe or Ultimate Collectors Edition of Final Fantasy XV, you’ll be getting the Blu-Ray a bit earlier on September 30th when the game launches.