Kilgore joins Killer Instinct

A new season of Microsoft’s Free-to-Play rendition of Killer Instinct is almost upon us and the team at Iron Galaxy has provided a significant update to the game with version 3.6, which along with some additional costumes, balances and tweaks to gameplay and characters, comes a brand new fighter launching in January.

The new fighter, named Kilgore, is a Ultratech cyborg, much like fan favourite Fulgore. Based on appearance, it would seem that Kilgore appears to be a prototype for the deadly wristblade wielding Cyborg, but comes equipped with miniguns for hands.

Kilgore won’t be playable until January, but players will be able to get to fight him starting earlier this week with the release of Patch 3.6. To get a glimpse of the full changes and new costumes, see the community video above or check our the update list on the Killer Instinct website.