Just Cause 3 will have no shortage of explosions


Earlier this week a series of Just Cause 3 images were leaked via a NeoGAF thread showing off some still images of the game in action. The images show off the beautiful scenery and locations that you’ll be exploring in the game, as well as some of the crazy way you’ll explore them.

So lets see, we got wingsuits, Tethering to attack helicopters, car surfing, fighter jet surfing, and lots and lots of explosions. Just Cause 3 definitely sounds like a good time so far. A retail posting states that the game will feature a 400-square-mile map filled with enemy bases,¬†propaganda billboards, and loudspeakers that you’ll need to destroy in order to capture the area.

Just Cause is currently set to release in 2015 from Avalanche Studios and Square Enix on
PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out the Massive 27 picture gallery below.