John Wick to get a Virtual Reality game


Confession time, I have yet to see John Wick, the action flick staring Keanu Reeves about a mafia hitman coming out of retirement. With co-worker/friend reviews ranging from “really good” to “the-best-action-flick-of-the-year-oh-my-god-why-are-you-not-watching-it-now,” it’s clear that it’s something that I probably should get to work on.

That being said, a sequel for the action flick is currently in development and a video game as well. The game, which will be published by Payday series publishers Starbreeze, will be a stand-alone FPS “centred around the infamous Continental Hotel.” The interesting twist will be that it will be exclusive to most VR Headsets.

“Best in class virtual reality studio and distributor WEVR, the company responsible fortheBlu: Encounter, which was used to introduce the HTC Vive VR platform earlier this year, will transport players with the creation of a fully immersive VR experience that will introduce the game,” the press release stated. “Grab, the acclaimed development team with extensive mobile games and VR experience, will spearhead the development. Starbreeze will be publishing the product across multiple VR platforms.”

A demo for the game will be available for the launch of the HTC Vive and Steam VR, the full game will be available on most VR Headsets when it launches sometime in 2016.