Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 now available through GOG.com

One of the first and best examples of a platforming run’n’gun on the early PC days was Epic Game’s Jazz Jackrabbit. Designed by Cliff Bleszinski, the two platformers was one of the titles that helped launch Epic to being a household name along with their famous Unreal Engine.

Since this game came out in the mid-90’s, the chances to play the classic series can be a hair-pulling experience. Luckily GOG.com has brought back the series today allowing it to run on modern PCs along with another Epic classic – Epic Pinball (may not sound like much now, but back in Windows 95/98 era, Pinball was on the rage.)

The GOG.com edition of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 can also come pre-bundled with the JJ2+ mod, which includes years of dedication from the Jazz Jackrabbit community, expanded multiplayer features and game modes, tons of fixes, and expanded tools to play (and create) the huge library of community-made content.

For those looking to pick up these classics, GOG.com is having a special 10% discount to celebrate the release. Both games can be picked up for $11.29 CAD (8.99 USD) each.