Is Anyone Else Tired of DLC? These Guys Were!


This time I have jumped into a Going Loud title by the name of DLC Quest. The name really tells you the majority of what you need to know, that it is a satirical game making fun of all of the micro transactions and DLC needed to play most modern games. It does this is the most ludicrous way ever, making every single thing in the game DLC.

So when you start as Generic Hero number one, and your Generic Princess is taken away from you by Generic Bad Guy, you swear vengeance and go on your quest to get her back. You begin your quest, even though you can not jump, move left, or literally do anything besides moving right… Yeah, even moving basic functions is a DLC map pack for you to buy.

Throughout the game, you are introduced to a few generic NPC characters, but there is one who sells you all of the DLC you find in the game, including the first one, the ability to do more than move one direction. There is a sword whetstone speed boost map pack, a double jump pack, and a gun pack (Not even joking about this one, and it breaks all the things in this game), to name a few things you can find.


What I appreciate about this game is the fact it makes such fun out of the crazy amount of DLC games are currently releasing, and had the vision to realize people would find it funny because it is so sad.

The main game is a fairly basic platforming adventure game, with a slight mixture of a role player. You are on a quest to save your love, and you are trying to defeat a main villain, but the final fight scene is really about five seconds of talking and bam it’s over.

There are no enemies to fight, there are no quests to go on, and there is very little to do in the game besides running around and collecting coins on the ground to buy more DLC. There is a “Part Two” in the game too, but that one is just as quick, and actually less fun in my opinion.


All together, this game took me less than 30 minutes to complete, missing only 12 out of the 860 coins. It is great for wasting a piece of your afternoon, but don’t buy it expecting a lot from it.

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