Iron Maiden’s new game Legacy of the Beast now available!



Brittish heavy metal band Iron Maiden has released their new game, Legacy of the Beast for Andriod and iOS.

You play as the band mascot Eddie the Head, who has been split up into pretty much all his incarnations that appeared on the albums over Iron Maiden’s entire discography.  Starting as one of the original biker-esque versions of Eddie, the game will guide you through a tutorial on timing based combat with taps on your screen.  Getting the timing right will result in better attacks.


Once on your own, you can build a team with different classes of Eddie (IE: mage, warrior, assassin, etc) as well as some creatures like Wicker Hounds and Golems.    The game, obviously, will also feature many songs from the Maiden cataloged, arranged as background music.   The story will have to go across inspired landscapes based off album art and let you upgrade your characters with ‘Ironite’ earned by winning battles.



Enjoyed the bit I played with so far, and recommend any metal fan to give it a try!


Up the irons!