Interview: Meghan Hanna of ‘Two Chicks Cocktails’

So tell us a little bit about this company “Two Chicks Cocktails” and kind of what this whole operation entails.

Two Chicks Cocktails is a new cocktail line on the market. Our cocktails are sugar-free, gluten-free, all natural and sweetened with stevia. Two Chicks are strong- 30 proof! We want to make your cocktail hour quick, efficient and most of all- yummy!

What ultimately made you want to go this route in forming a company like this?

A comment made by a friend of mine about being a “fat girl on a diet” sparked the idea for me. Her comment about herself got me thinking about how too often women feel like they are not enough. I set out to create a brand around the messaging that you are enough and we are stronger together. Why cocktails? Women get together and solve life’s problems around cocktails…it was a natural fit.

And you are the CEO as well, correct? What kind of undertaking has that been?

I am the founder and CEO. It has been a tremendous amount of work. I kept my eye on the vision and that is what has carried me through the tough times.

So the liquor business is a LOT different up here in Canada because we are all about the government running anything booze related. So because a lot of our listeners are Canadian tell us a little bit about this. Do you sell to large stores? Do you have your own kind of headquarters?

In the US we have a three-tier system. I sell Two Chicks to my distributor and my distributor sells it to large retailers. Two Chicks is for sale online at and in BevMo! stores.

What is the difference with your cocktails? I saw on the website that it skimps on calories so is that the idea? Kind of a cocktail with a healthier sort of twist to it?

The difference with Two Chicks is the flavors. We have Twisted Lemon with lemon and cayenne pepper and Bodacious Blueberry with fresh blueberry and a hint of lemon. One is tart and spicy, one is sweet. They are great on their own or mixed together half and half. Plus, they are sugar-free and gluten free…while still being a strong drink at 30 proof.

Now I noticed on your website a message of women supporting women. So obviously this is one of the big ideas behind your brand. How important is that to you?

It’s everything to me! Growing up with two moms as well as spending so much time with the women on the jail yard (where my mom’s worked) gave me a strong sense of community amongst women. I have never understood the competitive spirit so prevalent among women. I believe that there is room for each and every person to shine…why not help each other shine together?

Where is your brand available?

Through my website or at your local BevMo! store.