Injustice 2 draws the line again with a new trailer.

Both the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and Comic did a great job at rounding out an amazing DC storyline where Superman became supreme leader of Earth after losing Lois Lane and his unborn child in a plot by The Joker. So we need to know why the Lines are drawn once again for Injustice 2.

While the simple answer is that one of DC’s big badasses, Brainiac, is on his way to kick everyone’s ass, however it’s much more complicated. As a lot of folks still hold some appreciation for Superman’s Regime, we have heroes against each other once again as evident with Supergirl having a feud with her cousin, Robin delivering a beat down on Batman, and small glimpse of previously unconfirmed Poison Ivy and Bane.

On top of the awesome trailer (see above) we learn that the real big badass to the DC Universe, Darkseid, will be playable and available as a pre-order bonus, in a similar fashion to Goro being a pre-order for Mortal Kombat X.

Injustice has been confirmed for a May 16th release, and NetherRealm stated that they will be showing some new characters on January 24th. While NetherRealm has normally rolled over the competition in our Fighting Game of the Year category, this year they may have competition with Capcom as they release their Superhero fighter, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.