Indivisible reaches crowdfunding goal


After 52 days, Indivisible, the latest game from Skullgirl Devs Lab Zero Games, had successfully reached it’s $1.5 Million dollar goal. At the time of this writing, the team has earned $1,594,721 with 57 hours remaining to reach the newly set Stretch Goals.

The two stretch goals includes another hour of music from Hiroki Kikuta (composer of Soulcaliber V and the Secret of Mana series) which is unlocked at $1,650,000, as well as an animated opening from Titmouse and an unknown Anime studio at $1,900,000.

The Indiegogo campaign saw a lot of updates that probably contributed to helping the game reach it’s goal, including a playable prototype available on PC, PS4, Mac and Linux. The team also announced several cross-over characters including Shovel Knight, Shantae the half genie hero, Juan from Guacamelee and more.

Personally, the team at Gameitall loved the prototype and can’t wait to see what the full Action-RPG has to offer when it gets released.