Independence Day Resurgence Battle Heroes soft launched in Canada, Open Beta on Android

20th Century Fox has teamed up with Zen Pinball developers, Zen Studios, to create a mobile strategy RPG based on the upcoming Independence Day sequel. The game had a soft launch on iOS yesterday exclusively on Canada, while the game has gone to open beta on Android’s worldwide.

In Independence Day Resurgence Battle Heroes, you’ll be in charge of a Earth Space Defence squadron, upgrading the new fighter jets seen in the movie with new alien tech, recruiting heroes from the War of 1996 and new heroes from the upcoming sequel, creating your own Area 51 hanger, and taking on the aliens in turn-based battles.

The game will officially launches on iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms on June 9, 2016. Meanwhile you can look forward to seeing Earth get destroyed (assuming due to the lack of Will Smith to save us) in Independence Day: Resurgence on June 24.