I am Bread smashes it’s way to the PS4.


Bossa Studio’s quirky bread simulation titled “I Am Bread” has seen some fame on Youtube for it’s ridiculous premises and difficulty. The studio has recently announced via the Playstation Blog that I Am Bread will be coming to the PS4 with some new features, including new bread types.

“You’ll find we’ve added a whole host of game modes that see you taking control of a new type of bread, each with their own variation of the controls and completely new goals and challenges,” Designer Luke Williams wrote. “Become a baguette as you smash your way around the various levels, trying to cause as much destruction as possible; or become a bagel, and roll your way around a series of race courses in record time. To top it all off, you’ll find a whole host of challenging Trophies to try and earn with all your bready companions.”

I Am Bread features a sentient piece of bread whose goal is to become toast and must cross  a room while remaining edible.