Huntsman: Winter’s Curse comes to PS4 this month

To follow the release of Huntsman: Winter’s War on Blu Ray, the stand-alone video game adaptation of the Universal Studios Fantasy series, Huntsman: Winter’s Curse, will be coming to PS4 on August 23rd.

Set in the same world as the Huntsman series, Winter’s Curse follows a young woman named Elisabeth as she searches for her long-lost siblings through their surreal animated world. She is teamed up with Marcus, a a mysterious man eager to aid her for his own purposes, through a Choose-your-Own-Adventure narrative as they combat evil men, rabid creatures and a powerful enchantress who plays a significant and sinister role in the duo’s story.

The game uses an active time battle system, using cards for commands in battle against a large variety of opponents, all to some nice hand drawn visuals that really feel set in the Huntsman’s world.

You can check out Huntsman: Winter’s Curse in action with the trailer above, or check out the hand-drawn visuals and the battle system in the gallery below.

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