Hulk Hogan removed from WWE 2K15 and upcoming 2K16 after being fired from WWE


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, the world of wrestling was rocked when the WWE fired Hulk Hogan after a tape was leaked featuring Hogan using a racist term repeatedly. Due to his removal from the Wrestling empire, the WWE has pushed Hogan away all association from Terry Bollea and his in-ring alter ego, including removing his merchandise, his bio from the WWE website and removing him from the Hall of Fame.¬†This isn’t a new thing for the company, the same thing happened after Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide incident back in 2007.

So what does this mean for the WWE Video Game franchise?

2K has officially removed Hogan from the roster of 2K16, in which he was found in part of a leaked roster. Interesting enough, they also removed him from WWE 2K15, which had a $99.99 Hulkamania edition, and he cannot be downloaded even if he was previously owned.

“We are highly respectful of the way that our partners choose to run their business and manage our partnerships accordingly,” the spokesperson said. “We can confirm that Hulk Hogan will not appear in WWE 2K16.” When asked about his removal in any prior games, the spokesperson did not have any other comments at this time.