How to get Wonder Woman Movie costume in Injustice 2

The highly anticipated Wonder Woman film is on June 2nd and to celebrate, NetherRealm has brought out special gear for Wonder Woman in Injustice 2 to match the movie’s costume. However if you want to equip the film version of the iconic costume, you’ll have to work for it.

In order to unlock the Film costume, you’ll need to access the Multiverse mode (Injustice 2’s version of the Living Towers from Mortal Kombat X) and take on the missions under “To End All Wars” Event. Completing these missions before June 5th will unlock access to the various Wonder Woman gear, boosting her stats and giving her the movie look. For the Mobile edition of the game, players will be able to unlock Wonder Woman cards based on the movie and the character’s “full gear set” starting on May 30.

You can check out the outfit in action on Injustice 2 on the trailer above.