Homeworld gets a prequel

Gearbox and Blackbird has announced a prequel to hit RTS series Homeworld titled Homeworld: Desserts of Kharak. The game serves as an origins story to Homeworld protagonist Rachel S’jet as she attempts to find salvation on a dying planet.

This prequel will definitely feel different for fans of the series, as it moves from a Space RTS to land (or close to land) RTS, however Gearbox is promising a bunch of different type of units from light land attack vehicles to heavyweight cruisers to help dominate the dessert on both land and air. Unit position and the Dessert itself will play a huge part in securing victory as you plan your attacks and ambushes.

This prequel is set to launch fairly soon, with a release date of January 20th 2016. Pre-ording the game on Steam will get you the Homeworld Remastered Collection, an HD remake of Homeworld 1 and 2 for free, and if you already have the collection, you can get Desserts of Kharak at a discounted price of $40.