Hollywood working on a Monster Hunter movie


Out of all the news that we’ve seen from TGS last week, the announcement that thanks to the ever growing popularity of the series; Hollywood is making a Monster Hunter film, took us by surprise.

Announced by¬†series executive producer Ryozo Tsujimoto during the TGS Monster Hunter Stories event, in which he very casually dropped the bomb that we’ll see some beast hunting happening on the Big-Screen very soon.

Tsujimoto didn’t give us much more information about the upcoming movie, but he did confirm that it would not be related to the series next entry, Monster Hunter Stories, a spin-off RPG title which appears to be more story driven then the main game.

This wouldn’t be the first major Capcom title to be grabbed by Hollywood, Resident Evil had seen several movies with some… Creative Liberties… to the franchise. It will be interesting to see how Monster Hunter will translate to the big-screen.