Here’s a fresh batch of artwork for I AM SETSUNA!


The highly anticipated release of “I am Setsuna” is still a couple of weeks away (July 19th), but Square Enix has released some new artwork for the game make that wait even more unbearable. The artwork shows off some of the beautiful watercolour environments you’ll be exploring as well as some new characters who will be assisting Setsuna on her adventure.

I AM SETSUNA is being developed by Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory which was formed in August 2014. The game will be available on PS4 and PC via Steam for $39.99, pre-ordering the game on PS4 will grant you 2 Dynamic Themes for the PS4 (included in the gallery.) The Themes are listed as: “Kuro” (meaning black, for a night-time theme) and “Shiro” (meaning white, for a daytime theme). Also “Eternal Winter,” an exclusive digital track by composer Tomoki Miyoshi, will automatically download on release day, while Steam pre-orders will include another exclusive track titled “The Warmth of Hope.”