Have You Ever Wanted to Build a Game? – Greenheart Games – Game Dev Tycoon


Game Dev Tycoon released by company Greenheart Games is a simulation based game about creating a game company to create video games. I swear I didn’t plan on saying that so many times in one sentence, but why don’t we break down what I mean, and it may make more sense.

Game Dev Tycoon places you in the role of CEO for an upcoming game development company, which you are starting in your own garage. It seats us in a small, cramped office, and places you into a time before there were so many video game consoles. You must develop everything from text based games, to 2D games released on old comodore like systems, all the way up to advanced 3D graphic systems of the now.


Honestly, it is like falling in love with everything that made us love video games in the first place. That makes me happy. So honestly, after learning all of this I was PUMPED to play this game more than most. It felt like an amazing idea, and it starts off really fun. The system is intuitive, and you can’t help but sit on the edge of your seat waiting to see what fans, reviewers, and even your own team think of the games you are producing.

I was quite disappointed with how quickly I stopped giving a crap about most of that… I hate to say it, but the game hype for this style is just that, hype. The game gets fairly stale pretty quickly, as it is literally a clicker simulation that does not feed you a lot to do. There are hundreds of things to research, and lots of things to do, but the issue is they are all the same thing. Click to learn, wait a minute, click to accept, and rinse and repeat.


The graphics are essentially non existent, but that is not the meaning behind the game. The meaning is the time waste. This game does that in spades, as I spent almost 4 hours playing it thinking I was for less than 2. It is a great time filler game, so if you plan on buying it, buy it for that reason, and not the reviews on steam.

I know I’ve spent a lot of time on this one harping the basic feel and style, but it is a decent game. There are some bugs which need to be addressed, and I feel it is not as fun as the Kairosoft game, Game Dev Story, but while they almost look like reskins of each other, this one has a higher difficulty to it. That is something needed in most simulation games, is some semblance of difficulty.

Buy it, try it, and see what you think. For me though? I wouldn’t buy it again if I could go back.

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