Hatsune Miku Project Diva: Future Tone gets a new DLC Pack

So you’ve blasted through over 200 of the famed Japanese Virtual Idol songs and want more! Luckily Sega has more content for you Hatsune Miku fans with 3 DLC packs coming for Project Diva Future Tone.

The first of the DLC packs (called Encore packs) is out today, priced at $9.99. The pack includes 4 new songs, a handful of modules, accessories and EXTRA EXTREME Difficulty mode for songs in the Future Sound and Colorful Tone packs. You can see the full list here:


  • Ageage Again (Music & Lyrics by Mitchie M)
  • shake it! (Music & Lyrics by emon)
  • Cendrillon (Music by Dios / SignalP Lyrics by orange)
  • Adolescence (Music by Dios / SignalP Lyrics by orange)


  • Ageage Again
  • Supreme
  • Trip the Light Fantastic
  • Princess Blanche
  • MiCrystal☆
  • Hatsune Miku Emerald


  • Poppin Delight
  • Adolescence Princess


  • Bebop Knave
  • Adolescence Knight


  • Megurine Luka Ruby


  • Prince Blanc

Extra Characters (Kasane Teto)

  • M.S.J


  • Bird’s Nest
  • Tako Luka
  • Shiteyan’yo
  • Fox Mask
  • Beak
  • Anonymizer
  • Harmonica
  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Bronze Medal
  • Mechanical Wings
  • Big Red Button

Future Sound

  • I’m Your Diva
  • Ievan Polkka
  • Two-sided Lovers
  • Sekiranun Graffiti

Colorful Tone

  • Sayonara, Goodbye
  • StargazeR
  • Francisca
  • maigo life

There is also a Season Pass available, which will grant you the other two Encore Packs when they release in March and April respectively. Last month, we reviewed Future Tone calling it one of the best variations of the series as it went back to its arcade roots and praising the huge song selection. You can read our review here!