Harmonix Survey suggests a modern console sequel to Rock Band


With the recent release of New DLC for Rock Band almost two years after it’s hiatus, we’re beginning to think that Harmonix might have some plans with reviving the plastic instrument music game, and a recent survey sent out by Harmonix via Email and Tweets have us itching to know if it’s time to get the band back together.

While most of the survey is pretty typical and includes questions like “which Rock Band game did you play the most” or “What console do you own?” It is when you get to the third and final page where things get interesting where questions about next gen consoles, important features, and if you would be inclined to pre-order a new game in the series.

While nothing is official yet, this survey has our imaginations going, with proof that DLC can be carried over to the next gen as long as it’s in the same family, and rumours of the Plastic Instruments possibly being able to work on the modern consoles, we’ll have to wait and see if the survey might show enough interest for a new Rock Band to take up our living rooms and annoy our neighbours.

You can click here if you are interested in taking part in this survey.