Harley Quinn and Red Hood story packs for Batman Arkham Knight trailers released

On top of the announced Season Pass, Batman Arkham Knight will also have 2 story packs that will be available a pre-order bonuses. Interesting enough, these two DLC packs are possibly the characters we’d like to play as the most in the game, Harley Quinn and Red Hood (aka Jason Todd.)

arkhamknightredhoodgifWhile no details about the actual plot of the of Harley and Red Hood’s missions, two trailers were released to give us a good glimpse at combat with the two characters. The two fight like you’d expect, Red Hood is quick and uses pistols to take down his opponents from afar, while Harley brutally uses a striped baseball bat, joker gas, and an exploding jack-in-a-box.

Harley Quinn will be available for all who pre-order the game, however Red Hood serves as a Gamestop/Eb Games exclusive. These two DLC packs are just the first of several DLC packs planed for the game, with several of them linked to the game’s controversial $40 season pass.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be available on June 23 2015.