Hack off limbs for loot in The Surge

Lords of the Fallen developers Deck13’s latest title, which many originally called a Futuristic Dark Souls clone, looks to be shaping up with a new trailer showing an interesting way to loot better gear and weapons from your many hi-powered attackers.

In The Surge, players will be able to target specific parts that they would like to scavenge that will allow your character to slice and rip apart that part of the body, allowing you to carry it away to upgrade you’re own armoured self.

There is a sweet balance in this mechanic, as players will be able to target weak points on enemies to allow them to fight them easily but risk walking away with no or weak loot, while heavier armoured or weaponed areas will give you greater reward.

“Balancing risk and reward is core to succeeding in The Surge,” Deck13’s creative director Jan Klose said, “but we’ve ensured that bold players will be rewarded well!” The final moments of the trailer shows a half-dozen completely different character builds, including players kitted out with massive energy weapons, bulky armor and short-range claws.”

You can check out the gameplay trailer above for the Sci-Fi Action RPG. The Surge is slated for a May 16th release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.