Guitar Hero returns with an interesting twist


With Rock Band making a comeback, it’s only natural that Activision steps up and bring back the original competition and king of the Rhythm genre, Guitar Hero. With the latest entry, things are going to be quite different, and that seems to be a good thing.

The game will be available on every major platform including mobile under the name of “Guitar Heroes Live.” The game will be priced at $99 for the game and one guitar, which has seen a change as well, by shifting all of the buttons to the top of the neck giving players 2 rows of buttons for a total of 6. The game’s visuals have also take a change, putting the player in a first person view of playing a concert, complete with a real crowd that reacts to you.

The game is being developed by Freestyle Games, the team behind DJ Hero, and we’re expected to hear much more about the title at E3, including the tracklist and a new feature called GHTV.