Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- adds 2 new characters to the game’s roster


It wasn’t hard to see a Guilty Gear Xrd update game was on it’s way, and though right now it is only confirmed for Arcades, it’s likely that we’ll see it hit consoles sometime in the near future. When and if it does, Guilty Gear fans will get getting an additional 2 characters to the roster, including one returning favourite and one brand new character.

The returning character is Johnny, the cool captain of the Jellyfish Pirates. Johnny plays similar to his last appearance in Guilty Gear XX, allowing veteran players to easily fall into the character. The new character, named Jack O., has a unique fight style with focus on ball and chain attacks

The new version also boast some significant game rebalancing, along with a new Stylish mode, which adds in a simplified control scheme for newer players.