Guile being added to Street Fighter V


When Street Fighter V release two months ago, there was a lot of people that where disappointed with the lack of characters and content in the game, but Capcom stated that they are going to be releasing more content and new character to the game over the coming months, this month they are suppose to be adding Guile a series Favorited, he has been a playable character in Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter IV, and many other Capcom fighting games.

With this new add-on to the game you will be able to get Guile for free until the Zenny store (uses real money and currency earned from playing the game) gets launched. Guile will have all of his awesome moves including: Sonic Blade, Solid Puncher and Sonic Hurricane.


In the first piece of DLC for the game, you will also have the ability to purchase one of the most iconic stages to the franchise the Air Force Base. The stage will be available for 70,000FM in the shop or if you have the season pass you will get the stage plus alternative costumes for Guile free as a thank you for supporting Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V is getting better.