Guardians of the Galaxy invade Minecraft on Xbox 360 with new DLC Skins.


Guardians of the Galaxy, the next highly anticipated movie from Marvel, is out in theatres tomorrow. Along with invading Marvel based video games like Marvel Heroes, the Facebook Avengers Alliance game, and the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0: Featuring Marvel Heroes, The Guardians are looking forward to helping you protect the world from Creepers as well in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Skin pack for Minecraft on Xbox 360.

The Pack is said to include 24 characters from both the film and comic series, meaning you can expect classic Guardian characters like Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Groot, Thanos, and less known characters like Nova the Human Rocket and Angela, an angel Neil Gaiman first debuted in the pages of Spawn but due to legal issues moved over to Marvel.

Unfortunately the release date and pricing of the pack has not been fully announced.