GTX 1080 Benchmark Results Leak



While the official details are just around the corner, there has been a leaked posting for the 3DMark scores of the Geforce GTX 1080, alongside overclocking results, revealing the GTX 1080 not only dominates GTX Titan X, GTX 980 Ti, Radeon R9 Fury X; but can show off some impressive overclocking potential as well.


Leaked by, the results include 3DMark 11 Performance and Extreme as well as 3DMark FireStrike Performance, Extreme and Ultra benchmark preset scores on reference clocks as well as 3DMark FireStrike results when the GTX 1080 is overclocked to a rather high GPU clock of 2114MHz. The 2114MHz GPU clock is actually 381MHz higher than reference 1733MHz Boost GPU clock.  From the looks of things, if you’ve been hanging on to upgrade, this is the card you’ve been waiting for.




Again, these are leaks so the official version may show slightly different results; take with a grain of salt.