GTA Online Heists out today! 4.8 GB Update for Xbox One and PS4.


The long awaited Heists have been added to GTA Online today and with it comes some new achievements/trophies and a huge 4.8 GB update for Xbox One Players, PS4 players will have a slightly smaller download at 4.75GB. While the update size seems to be dedicated for next gen users as the Xbox 360 reports show a 1.2GB update, which we assume will be similar for the PS3.

So what are we getting, well The Heist Update brings 5 online Heist missions to GTA Online, along with a collection of new weapons, masks, outfits and armored cars. On top of this, 9 new Achievements and Trophies have been added to the game. Some of them involve goals with setting up the heist, spending in game money on the updated content to not taking damage during the heist. You can check out all 9 achievements over at XboxAchievements.