GOTY 2017 – Best Strategy

Strategy games, despite not really going anywhere, saw a small rise in popularity again thanks to the games in our selection. From the return of a beloved PC classic, an upgrade to a previous GOTY winner, and a match-up that should not work but became one of the best titles on the Nintendo Switch yet. Here is our pick for Best Strategy Game of 2017:



Total War: Warhammer II (Sega/Creative Assembly)

Mario + Rabbids (Nintendo/Ubisoft)

Dawn of War III (Sega/Relic)

Halo Wars 2 (Creative Assembly)

XCOM: War of the Chosen (2K/Firaxis)




Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Nintendo/Ubisoft)

Don’t get me wrong, XCOM: War of the Chosen, Total War: Warhammer II and Dawn of War III are all amazing RTS, but Mario + Rabbids is a game that before we actually got to see it in action at E3, should not have worked. Let alone that it was designed like an XCOM style strategy game with plenty of cool abilities, fun tactics, crazy levels and plenty of fun for the entire family but still deliver a challenge for those familiar with the genre.