GOTY 2017 – Best Performance

Without these men and women, our favourite characters of 2017 wouldn’t be as awesome. Here is our picks for the best performance for both Male and Female:



Brian Bloom as BJ Blastowitz (Wolfenstein 2)

Trey Parker and Matt Stone as the Cast of South Park (South Park)

Robert Englund – Scarecrow (Injustice 2)

Usman Ally – Asav (Uncharted: Lost Legacy)

Josh Duhamel – TSgt. William Pierson (Call of Duty: World War 2)



Trey Parker and Matt Stone as The cast of South Park (South Park – The Fractured But Whole)

Let’s be honest, like the show the voice work on South Park – The Fractured But Whole is one of the best things about the game. Which brings us to the problem of who to give the award to… Because Matt Stone and Trey Parker pretty much (aside from a few roles) voice everybody the series. Choosing one would be like picking our favourite South Park character which is something we’re not ready to do, so we unanimously voted for both Matt and Trey because of their dedication to both the show and the game voicing all the characters.




Melina Juergens as Senua (Hellblade)

Ashly Burch as Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Claudia Black – Cloe Frazer (Uncharted: Lost Legacy)

Laura Bailey – Nadine Ross (Uncharted: Lost Legacy)

Janina Gavankar – Iden Versio (Battlefront 2)


Ashly Burch as Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Aloy is a breath of fresh air in terms of a new character that is instantly likeable, a complete badass and can deliver a sarcastic quip at the drop of a hat so it comes to no surprise to see that she is voiced by the one and only Ashly Burch. Aloy is possibly Burch at her best, and because of it makes Aloy one of the best new characters of the year and have us excited to see what else Guerrilla Games has planned for the character and IP.