GOTY 2017 – Best Kid-Friendly Game

While we all love sending demons to hell and ripping each other’s heads off, we are still reminded that Gaming is especially great when all members of the family can enjoy it. Here is our picks for the best kid/family friendly game of 2017.



Mario Odyssey (Nintendo)

Sonic Mania (Sega/Headcannon)

A Hat in Time (Gears for Breakfast)

Monster Hunter Stories (Capcom)

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon (Nintendo)




A Hat in Time (Gears for Breakfast)

Not only is A Hat in Time one of the throwbacks to classic 3D platformers in recent history (with plenty of similarities to games from the Nintendo 64 era), its cute design and easy to learn gameplay is also very kid friendly. It’s simple and cute fun that the whole family can enjoy.