GOG Star Wars Sales for May the Fourth


GOG.com is having a large sale for May 4th, better known as Star Wars day. (Because it sounds like ‘may the force’…  get it?)

A lot of these games are massively discounted, as much as 80%, spanning much of the franchise’s PC games including remasters.  It is noteworthy to know that some of these were from as far back as 1997 with Shadows of the Empire, so be cautious of compatibility issues you may encounter such as glitches, broken controls, or unplayable speeds.

Some other sales here include Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D (58 percent off at $4.19) and  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($2.29, at 77 percent off) which are part of bundles that can save you a good deal of cash if you get them now as opposed to standard price.

Other companies like EA are also celebrating the franchise holiday in their own way.