God of War 3 the only remaster for the series on PS4


Just how many times have we seen a re-release of the God of War games? Lets do some math shall we, God of War 1 and 2 were both re-released as God of War HD Collection on PS3, the series then moved to Vita sometime after its launch. Meanwhile God of War Origins collection experienced the same thing when jumping from PSP to PS3 and Vita. Finally, both collections joined God of War 3 for the God of War Saga.

So 3 times between 4 out of 6 games in the series and with God of War 3 jumping to the Remake train in God of War 3 Remastered for the PS4, rumours spread that the other series may jump as well.

Sony Santa Monica’s Aaron Kaufman wrote to a fan asking this question on the Playstation Blog stating “No plans for others in the franchise to bring over.” Kaufman, the senior community strategist for Sony Santa Monica also went on to explain the process of bringing God of War 3 to PS4.

“Remasters often help us open the door to new players who perhaps did not play God of War 3 5 years ago, but who we can bring it to on the PlayStation 4,” he said. “People often forget, the more players we can bring into a franchise, the better for everyone. At Santa Monica Studio, we’d like as many PlayStation fans to experience our games as possible, form generation to generation.”

The Santa Monica studio is currently working on another game in addition to God of War 3 Remastered, which is being directed by God of War 2’s Cory Barlog.